Doreen Valiente

Doreen Valiente is considered one of the founders of the modern-day witchcraft movement now known as Wicca. She was an author of great note in the field of magic, folklore and paganism, described by Professor Ronald Hutton (University of Bristol) as “… the greatest single female figure in the modern British history of witchcraft”.

Towards the end of her life Doreen Valiente became the patron of Sussex organisation The Centre For Pagan Studies where she made a lat public appearances before her death in 1999.

Valiente was also one of the founders of the organisation now called the Pagan Federation, which 40 years on continues to represent modern day pagans in areas such as law, government, hospitals, schools and the wider community. The 2011 census showed Paganism as Britain’s seventh largest faith group, emphasising the importance of the work undertaken by the Doreen Valiente Foundation to improve public education about this fascinating field.

About the Doreen Valiente Foundation

The Doreen Valiente Foundation is a charitable trust founded in 2011. It is the legal owner of the magical estate of Valiente, considered to be the world’s most significant collection of original artefacts and documents related to the 20th century rise of modern day witchcraft (“Wicca”).

Further to its own charitable objectives, the foundation is helping to create publicly-accessible events and exhibitions designed to educate people on the history of modern witchcraft and to explore with the wider public the cultural implications of modern day pagan beliefs and practices.


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