Quick Answer: Which house in astrology is for education?

In Astrology, generally we see the 2nd house and the lord of 2nd house and the planed in 2nd house for primary education, 4th house and the 4th house lord and the planet in 4th house and for post graduate level of education and research studies like M. Phil, Ph. D.

Which planet is responsible for education?

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and wisdom. It helps us to assimilate the knowledge we gather from various sources like Book, Teacher etc. Without the help of Jupiter we cannot acquire knowledge and cannot achieve significant success in education.

Which house is responsible for education in astrology?

The most important house in a person’s horoscope to determine how much the person will be educated, is the 5th house. When Saturn and Rahu are positioned or are aspecting the 5th house, it leads to the lack of education unless the benefic planets like Moon, Mercury or Jupiter are sitting there.

Which house is for higher education?

4th house indicates school and college education, where as higher education and research are denoted by 9th house.

Which planet causes laziness?

Unpredictable planet Rahu is responsible for laziness in a person.

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Which planet is responsible for success?

DVB: The planets that are responsible for success in the stock market are Mercury and Jupiter. If there is a good combination of these two planets in a horoscope, then he/she has a strong potential to succeed in the stock market.

Which planet is responsible for PhD?

Jupiter. In Astrology Jupiter planet is always considered as a significator of knowledge and education. If Jupiter is placed in the quadrant and trine in individual birth chart as a 1st, 5th or 9th lord then the person can get PhD in counseling education or they can get higher education.

How can I know my Kundli education?

To understand the field of education, it is necessary to study the second house in a Kundali. A child’s primary education is analyzed through the second house of a Kundali. The second house also tells us about the education that a child receives from his home.

Which planet is responsible for insult?

According to Astrology, the planets that effects and are responsible for bad luck are Saturn and Mars.

Which planet is responsible for sleep?

Saturn is prime planet for sleep. Also, Moon, Venus and Mercury relates with sleep. Water and Air signs are also relates with sleep.

Which planet is responsible for carelessness?

Saturn is considered to be the negative astrological planets, according to astrology. It is said to be slow, lethargic, lazy and careless.

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