What is Star Lord in KP Astrology?

Working Rules of KP System For each Planet consider in which Star it is placed. The Star-Lord of this planet owns a house or houses and will indicate the event matters of those houses owned by the Star-Lord. The Planet will occupy a Sub portion, the Sub-Lord of the Planet also owns a house or houses.

What is Star Lord in kundali?

For example, If Ashwini is the star which is owned by Ketu, the first sub lord in Ashwini star will be Ketu, the second sub lord will be Venus, the third sub lord will be of Sun and so on.

Zodiac Division – Sign, Star and Sub.

Planet Years Allocated
Moon 10
Mars 7
Rahu 18
Jupiter 16

What is Lord and sub Lord?

Cuspal Sub Lord and its Subject Matter:

The Cuspal Sub Lord of a house signifies whether or not the matter signified by that house is promised or denied. If the Cuspal Sub Lord of that house is the significator of that house or any one of many houses into account, the matter signified by that house can be promised.

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What is Cuspal Lord?

Cuspal Sub Lord and its Subject Matter:

The Cuspal Sub Lord of a house indicates whether the matter signified by that house is promised or denied. If the Cuspal Sub Lord of that house is the significator of that house or any one of the houses under consideration, the matter signified by that house will be promised.

Which is more accurate KP or Vedic?

Krishnamurti Paddhati(KP) is the advanced version of Vedic astrology having more accuracy and less rules. There are following major differences as known: … Duration of Year of 365.25 days but vedic take it as 360 for easy calculations. Less rules but vedic have lots of rules and books to get accurate prediction.

How do you predict using KP Astrology?

Any planet’s Mahadasha (Vimshottari Dasha) can affect all the significator houses. Significator houses are the houses which gets activated during its Mahadasha period. Any event will take place or not, it will be predicted through the cuspal Sub Lords and promise in Kundali based on significators.

What is sub Lord of the 7th cusp?

MARRIAGE: -If the sub lord of the 7th cusp signifies the 2nd- 7th-and 11th and connected (signification) with inflicted VENUS, ones marriage is promised and the same fructifies during the conjoining period of 2nd 7th and 11th house significators. 2.

Which house is more powerful in astrology?

For any significant gain, the support from 11th house is always necessary. Any person who possesses fame, wealth, power, high profile job, is respected in the society, or anything extraordinary has planets signifying the 11th house. The influence of the 11th house is required to become famous, wealthy, and powerful.

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How do you know you are sub Lord?

By checking the degree of a planet in the 249 Sub Lords table you can find out in whose constellation & sub a planet is present. Then all you have to do is note the houses all of them (planet, constellation lord & Sub Lord) are signifying in the bhava chalit chart.

Is KP Astrology accurate?

This method is considered one of the most accurate methods of astrology in today’s time. This method is very easy to learn and use as well. Contrary to the traditional method, it is well defined and two KP astrologers will not contradict each other most of the time.

What is Cuspal?

cuspal in British English

(ˈkʌspəl) adjective. relating to or having a cusp.

What is Cuspal chart?

Lagna Chart is actually Sign Chart, It shows Sign Placement. Cusp Chart is related to House chart. It gives information about house placement. It is also know as Bhav Chalit Chart.

What is ruling planet in KP Astrology?

Rahu is in Mercury Sign, Moon Star. Ketu is in Jupiter Sign, Saturn Star. Rahu and Ketu will change Mercury and Jupiter respectively.

Example No: 2.

Moon Sign-Lord SATURN
Moon Star-Lord RAHU
Ascendant Sign-Lord JUPITER

Why KP chart is different?

The KP chart is based on the Tropical astrology used by the Westerners. While the same KP method implies the Vedic astrology ingredients that consist of Dasha and Nakshatra. It is a a perfect cocktail that works well when used wisely. Lagna or Ascendant chart is for Signs.

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What is the most accurate astrology system?

However, coming to the planets, the Vedic astrologers have an edge over the others. They have the most ancient texts, especially the Brihad Parashara Hora Shastra which was fortunately saved in its entirety and still serves as the most complete system of astrology.

Is KP same as Nadi astrology?

A) Dhruva Naadi (Meenas) concept: A zodiac is divided into 12 rasis of 360o and therefore each rasi is 30o, consisting of 9 parts/Padas each part being 3os20 constituting 21/4 stars in each rasi. … Thus in a KP chart we have Cusp/Bhava Lord (i.e., Sign lord where a cusp/Planet), Star lord and Sub lord.

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