You asked: What zodiac sign is Rey?

Rey is headstrong, stubborn, and incredibly dependable, which basically means she’s a Taurus to a T. Her sense of right and wrong is impeccable and nothing can tempt her to the dark side.

What star sign would KYLO Ren be?

Cancer: Kylo Ren

Cast in a more negative light, Cancers can be protective and vindictive. Since Kylo Ren has all the feels (and then some), he’s the perfect Cancer example.

Is Darth Vader an Aries?

The Signs as “Star Wars” Characters Aries: Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader Taurus: Yoda Gemini: General Grievous Cancer: Padmé Amidala Lea: Han Solo Libra: Luke Skywalker/ Leia Organa Scorpio: Palpatine Sagittarius: Capricorn: Mace Windu P’íSC’is: Jar Jar B’inks.

What astrological sign is Yoda?


Sara: So, Yoda is definitely a Gemini, because he loves chatting away with Luke and he has some of the best lines of any of the movies.

Is Anakin an Aries?

Anakin is an Aries Sun, a fiery cardinal sign, making him highly action-oriented.

Who is an Aries in Star Wars?

ARIES was a self-aware droid that remained as sole ruler of Iokath for millennia following the eradication of his creators in the Iokath civil war. Hidden from the rest of the galaxy, he repurposed the other droids from preservation of Iokath to aggression against any foreign entity.

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