Your question: What is the program predictability measure based on SAFe?

Program Predictability Measure is built exclusively for SAFe companies and provides visibility into how the business value is delivered by your Agile Release Train for the selected program increments.

What is the program predictability measure based on?

The Program Predictability Measure metrics shows the comparative analysis of actual BV achieved to planned BV. The graph is plotted based on the percentage of BV achieved against the planed in the Y-axis and the PI’s on the X-axis.

How do you measure predictability?

Planned-to-Done Ratio (Predictability)

This metric is a way to measure predictability. If a team commits to thirty product backlog items and only delivers nine, there is about a 30 percent chance of any one item being delivered in the Sprint.

What are the two main reasons why the program predictability measure is important?

Provides an understanding of the bigger picture of how current business objectives are/are not fulfilled, and if the business value is achieved. Presents delivery rates across the PIs, and the tendency of how a certain ART is performing from one PI to another. Helps in setting realistic objectives.

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What is pi predictability measure?

The Program Predictability Report shows the percentage of business value delivered for each team within each release (or PI). This report is driven by the association of Backlog Goals (or Objectives) with specific portfolio items or backlog items that each team is working on.

Why are weighted jobs shortest first?

Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) is a prioritization model used to sequence jobs (eg., Features, Capabilities, and Epics) to produce maximum economic benefit. … To that end, SAFe applies WSJF to prioritize backlogs by calculating the relative Cost of Delay (CoD) and job size (a proxy for the duration).

Why should you apply weighted shortest job first?

Any team in an organization can use the Weighted Shortest Job First approach to sequence any initiatives. Marketing teams can use it to determine which projects or campaigns will give the company the highest return on investment. Product teams can use it to decide which items to prioritize on the product backlog.

Is predictability a good thing?

If someone thinks your predictable it means they understand you as a person. … If someone thinks your predictable it means they understand you as a person. Look at it this way, predictability means consistency and that leads to being reliable which is a key trait to being successful in life.

How do you measure success in your role?

Here are a few slightly unconventional ways to measure success at work.

  1. knowledge gained. Does success have to mean that whatever you tried had amazing results? …
  2. team building. Many of the most successful projects are team-based. …
  3. taking a risk. …
  4. it makes you happy. …
  5. creating something you’re proud of. …
  6. making someone’s day.
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What is KPI in agile?

Agile KPIs (key performance Indicators) provide guidance for strategic planning, evaluation, and improving operational processes. … However, with agile, customers and team members see immediate results and adjust timeframes and effort to deliver a product that corresponds to schedule requirements.

What is a key benefit of using leading indicators SAFe?

They provide the opportunity to monitor and assess the effectiveness of safety systems and processes, as well as the overall health of a company’s safety management system or safety culture. Further, leading indicators can be used to benchmark current practices and demonstrate continuous improvement over time.

Which strategy is preferred for development teams?

Agile development strategy brings clarity, alignment, and focus on business objectives to teams. The method can also help bolster employee morale by leading to better team collaboration, which fosters more cohesion and cooperation among developers.

What is CFD SAFe?

The Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD), illustrated in Figure 2, is an area graph that depicts the quantity of work in a given state, showing arrivals, time in a state, quantity in a state, and departure. Figure 2. The CFD shows how average lead time and WIP evolve over time.

What should PI objectives be based on?

Program Increment (PI) Objectives are a summary of the business and technical goals that an Agile Team or train intends to achieve in the upcoming Program Increment (PI). During PI Planning, teams create PI objectives, which are the things they intend to accomplish in the upcoming Program Increment (PI).

Why is a confidence vote held at the end of pi planning?

The confidence vote can only work when all the features and user stories are properly estimated and prioritized. All of the work being done needs to be kept transparent to everyone, with all the dependencies and risks clear.

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What is the purpose of Pi planning?

SAFe PI Planning helps teams in the Agile Release Train (ART) synchronize, collaborate, and align on workflows, objectives, releases, and more. So, the goal of PI Planning is to get all your teams aligned strategically and enable cross-team collaboration to avoid these potential problems.

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