Are dream feeds a good idea?

Dream feeding is considered to be a safe practice as long as you take your baby out of the crib, wake him up enough to eat and avoid feeding him flat on his back, especially if you’re giving him a bottle. It’s best to dream feed your baby in a semi-upright position, with his head cradled into the crook of your arm.

Is Dream feeding good or bad?

If your baby wakes up during a dream feed, soothe her back to sleep as you would at bedtime. It may take a few nights for your baby to get used to a dream feed. When it works, a dream feed is completely safe and a wonderful thing!

Do Dream feeds always work?

In my experience, a dream feed rarely works and if it does, the “dream” doesn’t last for long. Sure, occasionally some parents will say that an 11:00 p.m. dream feed resulted in their baby sleeping through until 6:00 or 7:00 a.m., but more often than not, a dream feed is not as magical as it sounds.

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What are the benefits of Dream feeding?

There are 4 major benefits of dream feeds:

  • To align your baby’s longest stretch of sleep with your first chunk of sleep.
  • To ensure your baby is getting enough calories, without risking a sleep association.
  • To maintain your breastmilk supply, without extra pumping.
  • Eliminate the guesswork of night wakings.


When should I stop the dream feed?

The Best Age to Stop the Dreamfeed

The range is 3-7 months old. Most babies are probably more 4-5 months old when they are ready to drop the dreamfeed. Age is only one factor in a long list of factors of when to drop. Once your baby hits three months old, be on the lookout for other signs of readiness.

Is it OK to put baby to sleep without burping?

Still, it’s important to try and get that burp out, even though it’s tempting to put your babe down to sleep and then tip-toe away. In fact, without a proper belch, your baby may be uncomfortable after a feeding and more prone to wake up or spit up — or both.

Is Sleep feeding harmful?

Sleep feeding (also known as Dream Feeding) is not harmful when it is used as a short term feeding method for a baby who experiences pain and discomfort from eating due to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

How long should Night feeds take?

When your baby wakes, feed your baby as you always do, but reduce the number of minutes you nurse every night or every other night. Depending on how long you usually nurse, you can reduce between 30 seconds and two minutes each night until you’re down to three or four minutes of nursing for that feed.

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Do you burp after dream feed?

Do you burp a baby after a dream feed? Yes. You always want to burp a baby after a dream feed—or any feed—before putting her back down on the back.

Do Dream feeds disturb sleep?

Dream feeding generally takes place in the first hours of a baby’s sleep, which is when they sleep most soundly, so there’s a risk of interrupting a deep sleep. That might be fine if your baby can fall right back asleep. But if a dream feed disrupts your baby’s sleep for the rest of the night, it may not be worth it.

Should I change baby’s nappy in middle of night?

Changing your baby’s diaper at bedtime will give you both the best chance at a full night’s sleep, so consider making that a part of the nightly routine. If your baby has sensitive skin and you’re worried they might develop diaper rash from a wet diaper, you can try applying diaper cream before bed.

Can you drop the dream feed cold turkey?

Drop it cold turkey

If baby wakes up in the night, then you can add the dreamfeed back in and try again later. It doesn’t hurt to try. … So be aware that if baby doesn’t respond well after a cold turkey approach, it doesn’t definitely mean baby is not ready to drop the dreamfeed. But it does mean baby might not be ready.

At what weight can newborns sleep through the night?

Most babies don’t start sleeping through the night (6 to 8 hours) without waking until they are about 3 months old, or until they weigh 12 to 13 pounds. About two-thirds of babies are able to sleep through the night on a regular basis by age 6 months.

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How many ounces should I dream feed?

This means giving 4 consistent feeding sessions (milk every 4 hours) with one last “dreamfeed” around 10:00p. With 4 feeding sessions of 6-7 ounces plus a final dreamfeed, we’re giving enough calories to get through the night.

Do you change nappy at Dream feed?

Do not change his nappy before the feed. Just lift and feed. Your baby can usually sleep through from 7pm-7am around 4 months old and 15/16lbs. Then, if your baby is still sleeping until 7am you can drop the feed altogether and let your baby sleep all night!

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