Best answer: What advice does the narrator have about dreams in the poem If?

The line, “If you can dream – and not make dreams your master” is a very important principle for having balance. Meaning, dreams should not be your only aspirations, goals, or thoughts. At the start of this line, the narrator praises dreams and longings, but warns against becoming blinded with those wants.

What does the poet advice about dreams and thoughts?

Answer. Answer: The poem ‘If” by Rudyard Kipling contains many moral values that might change a person to be a ‘man of the Earth’. … Meaning,dreams should not be your only aspirations, goals, or thoughts.

What is Kipling’s final advice to his listeners?

Kipling advises you to build from what has been broken without losing hope. The key is to persevere and never give up.

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How Can dreams become a person’s master poem If?

If you can dream and make use of your dreams, then it is good to dream, but if all you do is dream, and nothing ever comes of your dreams, then you have allowed your dreams to master you or control you. Some people only dream. They never work hard to make their dreams come true. They allow their dreams to consume them.

What advice does the father give to his son in if?

Hover for more information. “If” is a father’s advice to his son about how to live his life so as to achieve the respect of others and, more importantly, a high standard of self-worth in society.

What is the central theme of the poem If?

Answer. Truly, the poem “If” is a lesson about what is important in life. … Having all of the qualities and characteristics mentioned in the poem will make a man out the son and he shall inherit the earth. Truly, the overall theme is one of manhood and leadership.

What feelings does the poem If awaken in you?

The first stanza of “If” illustrates the practice of self-confidence and expresses that, in being confident; the reader must have the courage to face unpopularity and disagreement. This stanza also, however, advises against a self-confidence that does not allow for the consideration of opposing ideas.

What is the moral lesson of the poem If by Rudyard Kipling?

The poem is about moral lessons and conduct. It contains advice from a father to a son on how to grow up to be a better person and a true man. He reminds his son that he will be a Man if he can hold on to his values and not be swayed by others. If he follows his advice, he will have a rewarding and enriching life.

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What is the advice given in the poem If?

12. WHAT Poetry Anthology ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling Stanza 4 There are two pieces of advice in this final stanza: do not be corrupted by power, and use your time to the full.

What is the purpose of the poem If?

The final goal of Kipling’s poem ‘If–’ is to guide us throughout our life to make us a good and complete human being. It is all about developing a good character in a man. The main and instant purpose of writing this poem was to give the poet’s son instructions on how to lead a happy and successful life in this world.

Why does the poet call triumph and disaster impostors?

Triumph and disaster are impostors because they are passing moments. People become too happy at the time of success and may reduce their chance to reach higher goal and at the bad timing they may lose their faith and confidence.

What does dream mean in the poem If?

Meaning, dreams should not be your only aspirations, goals, or thoughts. At the start of this line, the narrator praises dreams and longings, but warns against becoming blinded with those wants.

Why does the poet call the minute unforgiving?

A person has one life to live. In the poem, “the unforgiving minute” is a metaphor for the amount of time people have to live. That minute, the total time people have to live, is unforgiving because time doesn’t give anyone a second chance. Once a second (60 seconds in a minute) passes, it is gone forever.

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What is the meaning of fatherhood in the poem If?

If the son will learn from his fathers instruction, he will inherit the earth and become a man. That is what the poem is saying. The father is trying to teach his son to become a man. In the last stanza, the father instructs his son to be confident enough to walk with kings yet remain humble.

What does Rudyard Kipling advise his son to be successful in his life?

The poet advises his son to risk all life’s winnings for one more winning without the slightest fear of loss, and be ready to start again after incurring the loss without complaining or blaming. The poet advises the son to hold on against the most agonizing ordeals.

What advice does Rudyard Kipling give to his son in the poem if explain in detail?

Rudyard Kipling wrote the poem “If” to give his son direction on how to become a respectable man. He advises his son to stay calm in the face of adversity, to be truthful, self-righteous, and…

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