How long does it take to get rank 3 lucid dreams?

Rank 3 requires 6k combined Bodyguard EXP, so that will take 20 days of daily quests with a Bodyguard. Rank 4 requires level 30 on every Bodyguard, so that will take 87 days of daily quests with a Bodyguard.

How do you get to rank 3 in lucid dreaming?

Pearl of Perspicuous Intentions grants the Rank 3 version of the Essence, which is obtained after reaching Rank 2 and completing either Nautical Battlefield Training or Nautical Battlefield Training achievements by obtaining a total of 6000 XP between your Nazjatar Allies.

What does rank 3 lucid dreams do?

Rank 3: When the effect triggers, you gain Versatility (scaling with Azerite level) for 8 seconds.

How long does it take to master lucid dreaming?

How long does it take to learn? There really isn’t a short answer for this. If you want a certain time frame to work on, then we’d say about 2-6 weeks on average. The chances are you haven’t been thinking about controlling your dreams much before, so it’s going to take some work to build up the skill and mindset.

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How do you get to rank 4 in lucid dreaming?

Pearl of Luminous Designs – Rank 4: obtained via completing either Aqua Team Murder Force or Aqua Team Murder Force achievements by raising all your Nazjatar followers to level 30.

Can you still get lucid nightmare?

Lucid nightmare is still obtainable, tho its not exactly easiest esp last part is tricky and u can spend few hours/days there.

What are lucid moments?

characterized by clear perception or understanding; rational or sane: a lucid moment in his madness.

Is memory of Lucid Dreams account wide?

With today’s PTR build, Blizzard made the requirements to unlock the rank 4 of Memory of Lucid Dreams account-wide in Visions of N’zoth. Note that this makes Rank 4 available only for characters that had already unlocked rank 3 Memory of Lucid Dreams.

How do you get vision of perfection?

Vision of Perfection

  1. Engine of Mecha-Perfection – Rank 1: obtained via defeating King Mechagon in Operation: Mechagon.
  2. Perfectly Timed Differential – Rank 2: obtained via crafting from Pascal-K1N6 with the Blueprint: Perfectly Timed Differential, which can be obtained from Operation: Mechagon.

Can you get stuck in a lucid dream forever?

Lucid dreaming can be learned by anyone and puts you in total control of your dreamscape. While recurring dreams are common, it is not possible to get stuck in a lucid dream. Keep a dream journal on your bedside table and write your dreams down as soon as you wake up. This will help you gain control of your dreams.

Is lucid dreaming rare?

Lucid dreaming, like most dreams, usually happens during REM sleep. … About 55 percent of people have experienced one or more lucid dreams in their lifetime. However, frequent lucid dreaming is rare. Only 23 percent of people have lucid dreams at least once a month.

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What should I not do in a lucid dream?


  • Don’t close your eyes.
  • Don’t just walk around, aimlessly.
  • Don’t do things in a lucid dream that’s too similar to your waking life memories.
  • Don’t do too exciting things, too much and too soon.
  • Don’t kill people.
  • Don’t think about your real body.

How can I lucid dream fast?

Drop Locations

  1. Rank 1: Complete A Brief Respite or Down Into Nazjatar in Nazjatar.
  2. Rank 2: Complete Friends In Need or Down But Not Out in Nazjatar.
  3. Rank 3: Complete Nautical Battlefield Training or Nautical Battlefield Training.
  4. Rank 4: Complete the achievement Aqua Team Murder Force or Aqua Team Murder Force.


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