Quick Answer: What gun is the dream maker in warzone?

Dream Maker – COD Tracker. Crush their spirits and dash their hopes with the Dream Maker LMG.

What gun is the dream Dasher?

Dream Dasher – Striker 45 – Blueprint Setup and Attachments Guide: Barrel 400mm Stainless Steel. Optic Monocle Reflex Sight.

What is the rarest weapon in warzone?

#1 – Hammer. Even rarer than a Season 0 blueprint is the 725 shotgun Hammer variant. This was only available before COD: Warzone released. This shotgun does some serious damage, but only those who played the COD: Warzone beta will have it in their inventory.

Is the striker good in warzone?

The Striker 45 occupies an odd spot in the SMG space as it works best in mid to long range fights. Here’s how to get it set up nicely for Warzone. In a similar vein to the Uzi, the Striker 45 isn’t a close range monster, but more of a mid to long range contender.

Are Legendary Guns better in warzone?

These weapons are gold blueprints that come equipped with five attachments. They can be found in supply boxes and are often rewards for completing contracts. Legendary weapons are the best weapons players can find by default, but a well-designed weapon loadout can easily outgun these rare items.

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What is the rarest skin in cod warzone?

Rarest Warzone Operators

  • Roze. This is a skin that only came from the in-game store. …
  • Velikan. Velikan is a skin that is only available from purchasing in the actual in-game store. …
  • CTSFO. The CTSFO Operator skin was unlocked once you hit Tier 70 on the Season 3 Battle Pass. …
  • Nikto. …
  • Iskra.

Are Blueprints better in warzone?

YouTuber JGOD has discovered that certain BOCW weapon blueprints are significantly better than their base versions thanks to increased damage, leading players to call Warzone “pay to win.” … Blueprints are Call of Duty’s weapon ‘skins.

Is the UMP 45 good in warzone?

Striker 45

Unfortunately the return of the UMP to Modern Warfare is not a triumphant one. It’s outclassed in practically every area, although it’s reasonably easy to control and is one of the better options over medium range.

Is striker 45 the ump?

A treasure trove of new content will be added to the first-person shooter. One of the most significant additions that will be made to the game in Season 2 will be the Striker 45 submachine gun that players are likely to remember to be the UMP from past entries in the franchise.

Did they buff the striker?

Striker 45 submachine gun has received a secret buff

The February 25 update included a buff for this SMG which improved its range and aiming down sight speed.

What’s the best gun in warzone?

What are the best Warzone guns?

  • R9-0 Shotgun.
  • Kilo.
  • M16.
  • CR-56 AMAX.
  • FFAR.
  • Kar98k.
  • MAC-10.
  • LC10.
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What is the fastest killing gun in warzone?

Fastest TTK weapon classes in Call of Duty Warzone

  • AS VAL– It is the fastest killing gun across most ranges in Warzone. …
  • FFAR– Another weapon with insane time to kill stats. …
  • CR-56 AMAX– If you can control that recoil, this gun kills in no time.


What is the best gun in warzone season 6?

Best Warzone guns: the top weapons to use in Call of Duty battle royale

  • MGL-32 Grenade Launcher.
  • CR-56 AMAX.
  • Kar98k.
  • FFAR 1.
  • DMR 14.
  • Cold War MP5.
  • AX-50.
  • Groza.

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