What does a lioness symbolize in a dream?

Seeing a lioness can mean you have success using tenacity. Never give up. Keep going until you achieve your goals. It can also symbolize your motherly instincts.

What does it mean to see a lioness in your dream?

The lioness in a dream is a symbol of maternity, victory, hope, and protection. A female person has you back in waking life. … In my view, the lioness represents a “female” family member who has your back.

What does it mean when you dream about a female lion?

Seeing a lion in your dreams represents a convergence of your personal willpower and determination meeting with the Divine will and support. Lions represent a connection and power that Source energy can have on your manifestations. It is about taking action, feeling confident in yourself, strength and success.

What does a lioness symbolize?

As much as a male will fight for his territory, the lioness will fight for the safety of her offspring. The lioness tattoo also symbolizes strength, beauty and wisdom. She is the queen of all animals and she is a powerful entity. … Therefore, the lioness tattoo is a symbol of femininity, motherhood and courage.

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What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of lions?

In the Bible, lions represent mostly good and positive things. In general, lions symbolize bravery, strength, courage and protections. Dreams in which a person sees a lion or becomes a friend with this majestic and dangerous animal are extremely positive, because they mean a dreamer enjoys great celestial protection.

Is it good to see lion in dream?

Lion Dream – To see a lion in your dream can symbolize strength, courage, assertiveness, and power. Lions can represent predatory feelings deep inside of you such as aggression, that is directed at people around you. Spirit lions may also indicate that you might have a threatening situation that has entered your life.

What does LION mean spiritually?

Lion is the symbol of courage and personal strength and power: As a spirit animal, the lion is mostly associated with courage and representation of our personal strength and power. … As a spiritual animal, the lion is the recipient of the award for the most persistent fighter in the face of obstacles and life challenges.

What does it mean when you dream about a lioness attacking you?

When you see a lion attack you in your sleep, it symbolizes assertiveness, strength, power, and courage. … At the same time, a lion can represent predatory feelings that you might be harboring deep within you like aggression that you end up directing to those around you.

What is God’s lioness?

Archangel Ariel

Her name means “Lion or Lioness of God” and is often seen with a lion or lioness around her. She/He has been portrayed in paintings as having a lions head symbolizing courage and strength. Ariel is the guardian and overseer of nature and the elemental world.

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What does a dream about someone attacking you mean?

In a dream, seeing people attack you represents situations where you feel that you are being hurt emotionally. It could be an expression of fears that you are giving into. It could lead to you being angry or other people being angry with you. There is a feeling of being wronged around you which is hurting.

What does the Bible say about lioness?

God declared because the serpent deceived Eve, there would be enmity with the serpent; but it will be her seed that crushes his head (Genesis 3:15). Within the DNA of God fearing woman, is the courage of a Lioness. It is said, that Lioness takes more prey than Lion’s do.

What is a lioness personality?

Lionesses are independent, fierce, loyal, brave, strong, graceful and agile. They are the primary hunters of their pride and are highly protective over their young.

What is a lioness woman?

Mother, protector and provider. The lioness embodies the raw power of a woman. Caring, nurturing and fiercely protective – the lioness is a queen in her own right. … In honour of Women’s Day, as well as Women’s Month and World Lion Day, we thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to the queens of Africa.

What does it mean to dream of a lion protecting you?

If you see a lion guarding or protecting you, it means that someone is watching over you for your own good. … A lion and a wolf’s dream, on the other hand, suggest love and coziness. A lioness in your dream symbolizes ignorance, affection, and pride.


What does it mean when you see a lion in your dream in Islam?

According to Islamic dreambook, a lion seen in a dream means you will be able to overcome all the difficulties on your way. It is a good sign if you often see a lion in your night plots: the sleeper will acquire authority from others, will receive a high position, and will increase incomes.

What does it mean when you kill a lion in your dream?

Dreaming of killing a lion.

If you have dreamed of killing a lion, it means that it is time to make some decisions that will be very important for your future. It is possible that you are very pressured because of that.

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