What does it mean when you dream about being hit by a train?

If you have dreamed that someone was hit by a train, it means that this person may be on the wrong track in life. If you have dreamed about a person you know in waking life, then you should help that person to choose the right direction.

What do trains symbolize in dreams?

trains. Trains take us from one place to another so their presence in our dreams may represent a journey or direction that you are taking in your daily life.

What does it mean when you dream of getting bashed?

A dream about beating something or beating a person up physically means there is something important to you that you need to address. To be beaten, whether physically or in a game, can suggest that some things in life are acceptable, while some are unacceptable.

What do trains signify?


The straight line of the tracks is a symbol of fate. Tunnels (which are literally dark) can foreshadow emotional darkness to come. Trains represent how humans experience time even though this is not how time actually works.

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What does it mean when you miss a train in your dream?

Missing a train in your dream is associated with an opportunity that you are missing in life. To hear the train moving but be still on the platform suggests things are moving in the right direction but you have possibility of missing out on opportunities.

Why did I dream about beating someone up?

To beat someone

The dreams are usually connected to repressed anger, so you have to search for their cause within yourself. Dreaming of beating someone you know means that you resent that person for something. They have probably hurt or disappointed you, so you are taking revenge on them in your dream.

What is the meaning of someone trying to kill you in dreams?

He/she represents a certain quality that you are afraid of and trying to escape. For example, that might be self-esteem problems or trying to get a promotion, but feeling like you won’t live up to the expectations set upon you. The person trying to kill you in the dream represents that fear of failing.

What does it mean when you dream about someone chasing you and trying to kill you?

You may have fears this person chasing after you will hurt or kill you. In these dreams, you are likely trying to find ways to run away and hide from the person or animal. … In many cases, this dream means that you are trying to avoid something in your current daily waking life.

What trains mean spiritually?

For example, trains – are means to travel, and they are the means we connect people and countries, but like everything in our world, trains also have their deeper, in this case, spiritual meaning. … Yes, they have a deeper meaning, for example, when they appear in the dream world.

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Do repetitive dreams mean anything?

Scientific research hasn’t found any evidence to suggest recurring dreams have any deep or significant meaning beyond exposing potential areas of stress in your life. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Dreams are notoriously difficult to study, and there’s still a lot we don’t know about them.

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