What is Biff Loman’s American Dream?

Biff’s idea of the American Dream is to own a ranch out west and farm. He doesn’t want to follow his father’s path of trying to be a great salesman and (supposedly) end up rolling in easy money. To pursue his dream, Biff goes to ask his former employer, Mr. Oliver, for a loan.

What is Happy Loman’s American Dream?

Character Analysis Happy Loman

Happy is a young version of Willy. He incorporates his father’s habit of manipulating reality in order to create situations that are more favorable to him.

What do Biff and Happy dream of doing?

What do Biff and Happy dream of doing? They want to move out West and buy a ranch.

What does Biff Loman represent?

Biff Loman

Since then, his kleptomania has gotten him fired from every job that he has held. Biff represents Willy’s vulnerable, poetic, tragic side. He cannot ignore his instincts, which tell him to abandon Willy’s paralyzing dreams and move out West to work with his hands.

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Why is Biff unhappy?

Biff explains that he has returned home because he is dissatisfied with his job and future prospects. Because Biff enjoys outdoor labor, working on the farm is ideal; however, Biff is discontent toiling for someone else. Biff dreams of owning his own ranch and working it with Happy.

What is Willy’s dream?

Willy Loman’s dream is to become a great man. He believes that a job in salesmanship is the way to accomplish this. He wishes to reinvent himself into a man who receives respect and is looked at with admiration. He believes that gaining riches will be a way to earn the respect and admiration he craves.

Who is older Biff or happy?

Biff is the only member of the family who knows about Willy’s affair, and he resents his father bitterly. Happy Loman The Lomans’ younger son.

What is Linda’s dream?

Linda’s dream is having a full family and to keep Willy happy.

What is Linda’s American Dream in Death of a Salesman?

Sharia Benn, the actress playing Linda Loman, the wife and mother in the play, says, “With all of the tragedies of life in the play, it is a celebration of being a part of a family.” The American Dream can be summarized as: Anyone has the opportunity of success, no matter your place in society.

Why did Biff go to jail?

Biff confronts Willy with the rubber hose. Biff states that he has stolen himself out of every job since high school and that during the three-month period when he was completely out of touch with his family he was, in fact, in prison for stealing a suit.

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Why can’t Biff believe in his father?

Why can’t he believe in his father? Biff went to Boston to catch up with his beloved father before his college visit. When he finds his father with another woman, he realizes that Willy is truly a fake, and does not have the great qualities which Biff had formerly believed his father held.

Why does Biff feel like he’s wasted his life?

Why does Biff think he’s wasting his life? Because he’s not as successful as he thought and he feels he let his dad down.

What does Biff realize about himself?

Unlike Willy and Happy, Biff feels compelled to seek the truth about himself. … Biff’s discovery that Willy has a mistress strips him of his faith in Willy and Willy’s ambitions for him. Consequently, Willy sees Biff as an underachiever, while Biff sees himself as trapped in Willy’s grandiose fantasies.

How did Biff lose his jobs?

Biff bailed on summer school and the math credit. From here, he spiraled downward. He started working on ranches in the West, but couldn’t hold a job because he kept stealing from his bosses. When we meet him in the play, he’s 34 years old and has finally realized just how bad Willy messed him up.

What is the main message of Death of a Salesman?

The American Dream is the dominant theme, or main idea, in Death of a Salesman. Willy Loman’s notions of the American Dream equate success with being well-liked. Likeability is an important quality for a salesman like Willy, yet he is unable to achieve the success he desires.

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