What is George and Lennie’s American Dream?

George and Lennie’s dream of working hard and saving enough money to buy their own farm and “live off the fatta the lan” symbolizes the concrete ways in which the American Dream serves as an idealized goal for poor and working-class Americans even in the darkest and hardest of times.

What was George and Lennie’s dream?

George and Lennie have a dream: to scrounge enough money together to someday buy their own little house and a plot of land to farm. They dream of roots, stability, and independence.

What were George’s dreams?

George’s dream is to become his own boss by owning his very own property and land that is all his own. He shares this dream with his loyal and devoted friend Lennie. Goerge wishes to have a farm where he can live off the land and not have to depend on anyone.

What was Lennie’s American Dream?

Unlike George, Lennie truly believes their dream will one day become a reality. He believes he will one day own a little house of his own and be the caretaker of the rabbits, but just like the other characters in the story, Lennie is far from grasping his dream. At the end of the story, George does the unthinkable.

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What is George and Lennie’s version of the American Dream quote?

“An’ have rabbits…. “…we’ll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens. And when it rains in the winter,…we’ll build up a fire in the stove and set around it’ an’ listen to the rain comin’ down on the roof. Lennie especially is greatly comforted by this “dream” of ownership and companionship.

Why did George kill Lennie?

George kills Lennie by shooting him in the back of the head to save him from a more painful death at the hands of Curley, who has vowed to make him suffer for the death of his wife.

How does George and Lennie’s dream die?

Hover for more information. The dream dies when Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s wife in the barn.

Does George actually believe in the dream?

George recites the dream to Lennie like a story, which suggests that they don’t really believe in it, even though the things they are dreaming of are quite modest.

Why did George’s dream fail?

George may feel that attaining his dream without a companion would be worthless. Regardless of George’s reasons, he decides to stay by Lennie’s side, which ends up ruining his dream.

What was Candy’s dream?

Candy’s “American Dream” is to be apart of Lennie and George’s farm. He is dominated by depression and eventually gives up hope in achieving his American Dream. …

What is Lennie’s disability?

Lennie has a mental disability, making him dependent upon George to manage day to day life in the difficult environment in which they live and work. Lennie is physically very strong (so his name is ironic), but cannot control himself, leading to escalating acts of accidental violence through the book.

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Why is George and Lennie’s dream unrealistic?

Despite possibly having enough money with Candy’s contribution to buy a run-down home, George and Lennie’s dream is still unrealistic. … George and Lennie are not destined to attain their dream, and it is simply imaginative thinking that helps them get through their rough lives.

How does Candy’s dream die?

John Stienbeck’s novel “Of Mice and Men” is about the death of the American dream. George, Lennie and Candy’s dream is to own their own piece of land to work and live independently on. This dream is destroyed by Lennie’s ignorance and Lennie’s strength, which he cannot control.

Who Shot Candy’s dog?

Carlson shoots Candy’s dog because it is old, sick, and no longer able to work as a sheep dog. Carlson says the dog “ain’t no good” to Candy, unable to see that the dog still has value as Candy’s friend and companion.

What is George and Lennie’s plan?

In Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie are planning to buy a farm of their very own. They have dreams to plant a garden and have fresh vegetables. They also plan to raise rabbits. Lennie is especially fond of the idea of raising rabbits.

What is George and Lennie’s relationship?

Throughout the novel, George and Lennie have a relationship like a master and his dog. George is responsible for Lennie, making sure he has work, food, and does not get into too much trouble. He gives Lennie commands, which Lennie is supposed to obey, and when Lennie does not, George scolds him.

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