Who is the richest on the dream SMP?

Techno is often referred to as the richest member of the SMP, but I believe it to be Sam as well, given the fact he has built the prison out of materials he gathered himself.

Who is the richest player in the Dream SMP?

Ranboo is the richest on it, having 5 stacks of diamond blocks, a full small chest of emerald blocks, and a lot more. Technoblade is also very rich, with the best equipment out of anybody on the Dream SMP.

Who is the richest Minecraft player?

DanTDM, the world’s highest-earning YouTuber, has told Victoria Derbyshire he feels “loads” of responsibility to his young fans and their parents. The 26-year-old made more than £12m over the past year. He became successful by streaming videos of himself playing Pokemon and Minecraft.

Who is the world’s best Minecraft player?

#1 – Technoblade

Technoblade has been incredible at Minecraft for a very long time, and a popular creator in the Minecraft YouTube community for many years.

Does DanTDM have a son?

Asher Middleton

What is Technoblades IQ?

Shitpost. 78. Posted by.

Who is the smartest Minecraft player?

1 Mumbo Jumbo

Considered perhaps the smartest player in the Minecraft community, Mumbo Jumbo achieves in his videos what few other players can hardly even dream of achieving.

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Who won Technoblade or dream?

Technoblade posted on his Twitter account that after his Potato War with im_a_squid_kid, he would start a “training arc” to beat Dream in their next matchup, the $100,000 Dream vs Technoblade Duel, hosted by MrBeast. Techno won the match, beating Dream 6-4, although they agreed to split the money.

Did crainer die?

Crainer died around 7:46 a.m. March 5 at the Regional Medical Facility inside Northern Nevada Correctional Center in Carson City. Crainer was committed from Nye County on Oct. 25, 1979, and was serving a sentence of life without parole for open murder in the first degree.

Is DanTDM a Millionaire?

5. Dan TDM (Daniel Middleton): $16.5 million.

Who is DanTDM best friend?

TheDiamondMinecart (also known as Daniel or Dan, Daniel Robert Middleton) and Thnxcya (also known as James Filon) is Justin’s best friend in real life and in Minecraft.

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