You asked: What was lifelong dream?

What is lifelong dream?

Noun. An ambition which one has had for a long team. long-cherished dream. childhood dream. lifelong ambition.

How do you give a lifelong dream?

To try out the exercise for yourself, on the first day spend some time writing about those of your friends and peers who you know have regrets about dreams they’ve let go; on day two, spend some time writing about the external factors beyond your control that led to you giving up a particular dream or dreams; and …

What is the meaning of lifelong?

1 : lasting or continuing through life a lifelong friendship. 2 : long-standing.

What Kip started fulfilling his lifelong dreams?

The Keino family realised a lifelong dream in 2000 with the creation of the Kip Keino School, funded by various donations. Almost 300 children age 6-13 attend the school. In 2001 he won the Laureus Sport for Good Award for his charitable work and was elected to the Laureus World Sports Academy.

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Is it life long or lifelong?

life long. Most grammarists agree that lifelong – meaning lasting through one’s existence, as in a lifelong friendship – should be one word rather than two words or hyphenated.

What are good dreams in life?


  • Write a few real book reviews. …
  • Develop stellar interview skills.
  • Go on a writing retreat or take a formal writing class.
  • Write some poetry as a skill-building exercise.
  • Write a nonfiction book.
  • And a novel.
  • Write a long-form piece and publish it somewhere.
  • Become an expert at something.


Why you shouldn’t give up on your dreams?

If you give up on your dreams, you might not be happy and often complain about your life and your environment. You might feel that life could be different if you did not give up. If you give up on your dreams, you will not live the unique life you wanted when you were younger.

At what age should you give up on your dreams?

“Realistically 23 or 24. That gives players who have been alienated by premature rejection a time to rediscover their drive and love of the game.”

Is it OK to give up on a dream?

When you want to be the person who wants the thing more than you actually want the thing. It’s okay to give up on a dream when the idea of being the kind of person who achieves it out shadows your actual desire to do so. You don’t have to sacrifice your entire life to some vague idea of who you wish you were.

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What is a lifelong resident?

Lifelong means existing or happening for the whole of a person’s life.

What is another word for lifelong?

Lifelong Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for lifelong?

enduring lasting
continuing abiding
eternal constant
permanent immutable
durable persisting

What is a lifelong goal?

Long-term goals consist of plans you make for your future, typically over a year down the road. These typically consist of family, lifestyle, career, and retirement goals. Long-term goals are achieved over time as a person completes the stages of their life. … Then they use short-term goals to get there.

How many times has Kip raced in Olympics?

Kip Keino, byname of Hezekiah Kipchoge Keino, (born January 17, 1940, Nandi Hills, Kenya), Kenyan distance runner, who won four Olympic medals.

How many times Kip had raced in Olympics?

His first victory at a World Marathon Major came at the Chicago Marathon in 2014, and he went on to become series champion for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. He won the London Marathon a record 4 times, and won the Olympic marathon in 2016.

Eliud Kipchoge.

Event Olympic Games
1st 1
2nd 1
3rd 1

In which year Keino won the silver and gold medals in Olympics?

Kipchoge Keino

Personal information
Weight 66 kg (146 lb)
Spouse(s) Phyllis Keino
Achievements and titles
Olympic finals 1964 Tokyo 5000 m, 5th 1500 m, 10th 1968 Mexico City 10,000 m, DNF 5000 m, Silver 1500 m, Gold 1972 Munich 3000 m steeple, Gold 1500 m, Silver
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