Your question: What does the poet see in his dream?

What does the poet see in his dreams? Answer: The. poet sees magnified apples appearing and disappearing in his dreams.

What comes in Poet’s Dream when it rains?

When it rains, the poet wants to lie on the bed in a cottage and listen to the pitter-patter sound of the rain. The poet feels very comfortable and old memories come back to his mind. His mind is in bliss as the memories of his mother come to his mind.

What happens in the poet’s dream?

Answer: The poet’s dream was lost, when a wall rose up high between him and his dream, blocking it by a dark shadow. The wall symbolizes difficulties and the discrimination that people who are black face in their lives. The wall is racism and a hurdle between the poet and his bright dream.

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What does the poet compare his dream to?

The poem is composed of two stanzas with four lines each. The poet has metaphorically compared a life without a dream with a bird with broken wings that cannot fly in the first stanza. A life without dreams in comparison with a barren field with snow, that can not produce anything.

What does the poet dream of at night?

During night the humid cloud full of water creates dark shadows over the star studded sky. The poet dreams about his mother and the way she used to tuck him in bed. The poet’s dream of his mother reminds him of his childhood days. His mother used to tell stories to lull him into sleep full of dreams.

What is the central idea of the poem?

The central idea or the theme of the poem is the comparison l ween the eternal, continuous and never-ending journey of the brook and the transitoriness of a man’s life. The brook overcomes many hurdles and struggles throughout its journey and keeps on moving.

Why do the old memories come to the poet’s mind?

Answer. Ans: The tinkle of the raindrops echo in the heart of the poet as if his heartbeat responds to every sound of the rain by its rhythm. Moreover, the rain kindles many memories in the poet’s mind and he gets lost in dreamy imagination.

What happens to a deferred dream?

What Happens To A Dream Deferred? is one of a number of poems Hughes wrote that relates to the lives of African American people in the USA. The short poem poses questions about the aspirations of a people and the consequences that might arise if those dreams and hopes don’t come to fruition.

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What is the metaphor in dream deferred?

The metaphor compares a dream deferred to a bomb. The momentum for the dream may continue to build and, having nowhere to go, finally explode. Alternately, the dreamer’s anger may cause the dream to explode into action.

Does fester like a sore then run?

In the poem “Harlem” written by Langston Hughes, the line, “Or fester like a sore— And then run?” is a simile that is negatively portrays ones dream when it is put aside. This simile is comparing ones dream to a sore the is untreated and results in it becoming infected.

What message does the poet want to convey through the poem I Dream a World?

Answer: The poet wants to convey through the poem a message of love, peace, freedom and no racial discrimination among the people.

What is the message of the poem I Dream a World?

The narrator dreams of a world where there is love and peace, greed has vanished, every race is equal, and no one lives with misfortune. Connotation: Where greed no longer over rides a person. Connotation:Freedom will know who deserves it, and will grant it to only those who earnfreedom.

Why is the poet referring to his dark hands?

The use of the words ‘dark hands’ symbolizes the color of the poet’s skin. The poet is black and he himself makes reference to his ‘dark hands. ‘ The speaker believes that he can break through the barrier of being born with a darker skin tone in a white society.

What type of society does the poet dream about?

Answer. In the poem TELEVISION the poet wants a society which unstall a idiotic thing”TELEVISION”and use books ………

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Why does the poet say echo in the heart?

Every raindrop that falls on the tin roof produces an echo in the poet’s heart. … With every patter sound of raindrops, the poet relives his childhood memories. He correlates his sweet memories and imaginations to the sound of rain.

Why does the poet fill the boat with shiuli flowers?

The poet (child) filled the paper boats with shiuli flowers as a gift for the one who finds his boat on the distant land.

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