Best answer: What boy name means mysterious?

Agadhi One who is undescribable, mysterious, mystifying, secretive and enigmatic Boy
Agantuk One who is mysterious, incomprehensible, impenetrable, patient, calm and secretive. Boy
Amadio God’s beloved who are reserved, secretive and intuitive Boy

What name means mysterious?

1) Gizem (Turkish Origin) meaning “enigma, mystery, secret”. 2) Hulda (Old Norse Origin) meaning “secret”. 3) Leto (Greek Origin) meaning “hidden” or “woman”, a deity in ancient Greek legend. 4) Liraz (Hebrew Origin) meaning “my secret”. 5) Maya (Greek/Sanskrit/Ethiopian Origin) meaning “mother”, “illusion”, or “eye”.

What Japanese name means mysterious?

幽玄 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja word meaning, dim, deep, mysterious, subtle grace, hidden beauty, mysterious profundity, elegant simplicity, or subtle and profound. This can also be the Japanese personal name Yuugen or Yugen.

What boy name means unique?

With so many baby boy names that mean unique at your disposal, it’s easy to get confused.

90 Boy Names That Mean Unique

  • Adan. This Hispanic name has a Spanish origin and means ‘of the Earth’.
  • Aino. …
  • Alverda. …
  • Avery. …
  • Bennet. …
  • Braxton. …
  • Brayden. …
  • Brody.
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What name means love?

Girl baby names that mean love

  • Amara. Rooted in Greek, this elegant and regal name rolls off the tongue. …
  • Aimee. There are many different variations of this French name, such as Amy, Amie and Ami. …
  • Aphrodite. In Greek mythology, she’s the goddess of love. …
  • Davina. …
  • Esme. …
  • Freya. …
  • Imogen. …
  • Ishtar.


What is a good evil name?

Demon And Evil Names For Boys:

  • Azazel: In Hebrew, the word Azazel means the ‘scapegoat or total removal. …
  • Diabolos: Diabolos is a Greek mythological name meaning ‘slanderer or accuser. …
  • Abigor: Abigor is one of the few handsome demons. …
  • Ravana: …
  • Samael: …
  • Satan: …
  • Seth: …
  • Chernobog:


What are cute Japanese boy names?

Cute Japanese Boy Names To Consider (With Meanings)

  • Aito. Meaning: Sea, Ocean.
  • Akio. Meaning: Bright Man, Manly, Hero.
  • Akito. Meaning: Bright.
  • Benjiro. Meaning: Enjoys Peace.
  • Chibi. Meaning: Short Person or Small Child.
  • Chiko. Meaning: A Pledge.
  • Dai. Meaning: A Shining Individual.
  • Daichi. Meaning: From the Earth: Large.

What is best name in Japanese?

Top 10 Japanese names for boys and girls in 2018

  • さくら – Beautiful like the cherry blossom :(さくら Sakura)
  • 凛 – Be tightened, motivated:(りん Rin)
  • 芽依 – Beloved:(めい Mei)
  • 葵 – Honest, respectful:(あお Ao)、(めい Mei)、(あおい Aoi)、(ひまり Himari )
  • 紬 – Gorgeous:(つむぎ Tsumugi)
  • 莉子 – Cuteness:(りこ Riko)


Is Kai a Japanese name?

In Japanese, kai has a number of meanings, including “ocean” (海), “shell” (貝), “restoration” and “recovery”. In Kono and Kissi, Kai is a male name; it is also a paramount chief title or prefix that means king of kings. In Māori, kai means “food” or “meal”. In Swahili, Kai is a female name meaning “lovable”.

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What is the most unique boy name?

145 Unique Baby Boy Names You Won’t Regret

  • Zaiah.
  • Everette.
  • Braxton.
  • Bentley.
  • Zander.
  • Rome.
  • Jett.
  • Henley.

What is the number 1 boy name?

Top 10 Baby Names of 2019

Rank Male name Female name
1 Liam Olivia
2 Noah Emma
3 Oliver Ava
4 William Sophia

What are the cutest boy names?

The Cutest Names For Baby Boys

  • Cute Names For Boys.
  • A. Aiden, Arlo, Asher, August, Axel.
  • B. Bentley, Bishop, Blake, Brody, Brooks.
  • C. Caleb, Campbell, Caspian, Charlie, Cody, Colby, Cole, Cooper, Crosby.
  • D. Dallas, Dawson, Dax, Donovan, Duke, Dustin, Dylan.
  • E. Easton, Elias, Emerson, Ender, Ezra.
  • F. Finley, Finn, Ford.
  • G.


What is the poshest name?

Our picks for posh baby names

  • Avri.
  • Skya.
  • Jovi.
  • Juniper.
  • Nila.
  • Rowe.
  • Monroe.
  • Wren.

What name means love and hope?

25 Girl Names That Mean Love & Hope

  • 18 Venus.
  • 19 Love. …
  • 20 Amia. …
  • 21 Femi. …
  • 22 Esme. …
  • 23 Vida. …
  • 24 Kalila. This is probably a name that you’ve never heard before but we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it today. …
  • 25 Arabella. Just by the sound of it, it isn’t hard to see why parents are falling in love with this precious baby girl name. …


What baby name means hope?

Along with Hope itself, baby names meaning hope that rank among the US Top 500 include Evangeline, Xavier, Nova, Ashlyn, Daisy, Chloe, Phoenix, Helen, and Cyrus. Unique names with hope-related meanings on our recommended list range from the sun-dappled Sunniva to the mythical Apollo to the peaceful dove.

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