What does the name Alessandra mean?

Alessandra is a female given name of Italian origin, meaning defender of men. It is the Italian form of the female given name Alexandra and the female form of the male given name Alessandro. Alessandra may refer to: … Alessandra Ferri (born 1963), Italian ballerina.

What is a nickname for Alessandra?

That’s a good thing, because Alessandra isn’t easy to nickname. There’s Ali, of course, and Sandy or Sandra.

Is Alessandra a Spanish name?

Alessandra is of Old Greek origin. It is used mainly in English, Italian, and Spanish. In addition, Alessandra is an English, Italian, and Spanish form of Alexandra.

What does Alessandra mean in Greek?

Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Alessandra

The name’s meaning is interpreted from the Greek “alexein” which means “to defend” plus “andros” which translates to “man, warrior” in a possessive form which brings us to the full meaning: ‘defender of mankind’.

What does the name allesandra mean?

Gender: Female. Origin: Italian. Meaning: Defender Of The People.

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What does Alessia mean in Italian?

Alessia is a mostly Italian or Greek feminine form of the male given name Alessio, Italian form of Alexius. It is a popular name for females in Italy and was the second most popular name for Italian girls born in 2006. The name Alessia is a girl’s name of Italian origin meaning “defending warrior”.

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Where is Alessandra from?

Alessandra Ambrosio
Born Alessandra Corine Ambrósio 11 April 1981 Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Citizenship Brazil United States
Occupation Model television personality
Years active 1999–present

What is the male version of Alessandra?

Alessandra Ferri (born 1963), Italian ballerina. Alessandra Januário dos Santos, Brazilian volleyballer. Alessandra Lunardi (born 1958), Italian mathematician. Alessandra Mirka Gatti (born 1969), Italian singer.


Other gender
Masculine Alessandro
Meaning “Defender of Mankind”’

Is Alexander an Italian name?

Alessandro is the Italian form of Alexander. Alexander is the Latinized form of the ancient Greek name “Alexandros”, composed of the elements “alexein” meaning “to defend” and “andros” meaning “man, warrior” in the possessive sense which brings us to the full meaning of Alessandro: “defender of mankind”.

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What is the female version of Alexander?


Gender Feminine, the masculine form being Alexander.
Language(s) From the Greek Alexandra, the female form of Alexandros, from alexein meaning “to ward off, keep off, turn away, defend, protect” and aner meaning “man”.
Name day April 21
Meaning “Defender Of Mankind”.

What is the meaning of defender of mankind?

Meaning: “defender of mankind.” A true friend, genuine and caring.

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