What does the name Caelum mean?

The name Caelum is a boy’s name meaning “heaven”.

How do you pronounce Caelum?

Phonetic spelling of caelum

  1. kh-ae-y-l-uh-m. 0 rating rating ratings. Private.
  2. SEE-lum. 0 rating rating ratings. Private.
  3. Cae-lum. 0 rating rating ratings. Private.
  4. caelum. 0 rating rating ratings. Nettie Walsh.

Where does the name Caelum come from?

Its name means “chisel” in Latin, and it was formerly known as Caelum Sculptorium (“the engravers’ chisel”); It is a rare word, unrelated to the far more common Latin caelum, meaning “sky, heaven, atmosphere”.

Is Caelum an Irish name?

A user from Massachusetts, U.S. says the name Caelum is of Celtic origin and means “Brave warrior”.

What does name Callum mean?

And the new dad is right: Callum has Scottish origins and means “dove,” according to Nameberry. The moniker is derived from the Latin name Columba.

How do you say Callum?

Here in the UK, this is quite a popular name (I have known several boys with this name), and they ALL pronounce it cal-um. On forvo, both pronunciations offered say cal-um as well.

Is Caelum a boy name?

The name Caelum is a boy’s name meaning “heaven”.

How do you spell Kaylum?

Meaning of the name Kaylum

Probably a varient spelling of the name Callum derived from the name Columba meaning ‘dove’. Or a variant of the name Kalen meaning ‘thin’ or ‘slender’.

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Is the name Callum in the Bible?

Calum is an English and Scottish name of Latin and Celtic origin. Latin origin: A biblical name, it is derived from the element ‘columba’ which means dove. … The name was popular with early Christians as its meaning is symbolic of peace, purity, and the Holy Spirit.

Is Callum a good name?

Callum is a popular name, especially in Scotland where it was the 34th most popular name for baby boys in 2017.

Is Callum a boy or girl name?

The name Callum is a boy’s name of Scottish origin meaning “dove”. Callum was derived from Latin Columba, a unisex given name meaning “dove.” Callum was popular among early Christians because the dove was a symbol of purity, peace and the Holy Spirit.

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