What does the name celyn mean?

Meaning ‘Holly’ and is commonly used in the Welsh language.

Where does the name celyn originate?

Celyn is a name of Welsh origin and is synonymous in the history and the fabric of modern Wales today after what happened to Capel Celyn. Parents will want to consider the meaning of Celyn. Many locations in Wales are given the name Celyn. Etymology suggests that Celyn comes from the Welsh word for “Holly”.

What is celyn English?

English. celyn. common holly; English holly; European holly; holly.

How do you pronounce the name celyn?

And since Celyn is also a noun meaning holly, which is in English a girl’s name, there is a logic to it. My son is called Celyn (yes – it’s correctly pronounced Kelin) and suffers from the rise to fame of Celine Dion — people assume it’s the same given name, especially as we live in Canada!

Is celyn a unisex name?

About Celyn

Celyn, a unisex name from the Celtic for holly, is a good name for a child born around Christmas time.

What does cellan mean in Welsh?

The name Cellan is a boy’s name meaning “little cell”. An attractive alternative spelling to Kellan, but the authentic Welsh “ll” sound may be hard to come by outside Wales.

How is Welsh pwyll pronounced?

Pwyll Pen Annwn (pronounced [pʊ̯iɬ]) is a prominent figure in Welsh mythology and literature, the lord of Dyfed, husband of Rhiannon and father of the hero Pryderi.

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