What does the name Serena mean in Islam?

The meaning of Serena is Serena is a Latin name for girls that means tranquil, calm, serene. … Islamic girl names should be taken from Arabic origin as most of the Muslim names are from this region. The name should have a good meaning and it should be good to pronounce.

Is Serena Islamic name?

Serina is a Muslim girl name and it is an Pashto originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 6.

What does Sarina mean in Arabic?

The name Sarina (Arabic writing : سرينا) is a Muslim girls Names. The meaning of name Sarina is ” Peace ”

Is Serena a religious name?

The Holy Serena Rome was an early Christian martyr in the 3rd Century. Her feast day is celebrated on August 16. Serena was a noblewoman of the late Western Roman Empire. … Saint Serenus the Gardener (Serenus of Billom) was a 4th-century martyr venerated by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.

Is Sarina an Islamic name?

Sarina is a Muslim Girl Name. … The name is originated from Hebrew. The lucky number of Sarina name is 6.

Is Serena an Italian name?

Serena is a feminine given name.

Serena (name)

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Pronunciation English: /səˈriːnə/ sə-REE-nə Latin: [sɛˈreːna] Italian: [seˈreːna]
Gender Female
Language(s) Latin, Greek
Meaning “clear, tranquil, serene”

How do you spell Serena in Arabic?

The lucky number for Serena is ‘Serena lucky number is 3’. In Arabic Language this name is written like Serena is ‘سرينا’.

Serena Name Meaning.

Name: Serena
Arabic: ‘سرينا’
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What does Sarrinah mean?

Sarrinah is a Muslim Girl Name. Sarrinah name meaning is Beautiful, Companion Of Prophet Saw. … The name is originated from Urdu. The lucky number of Sarrinah name is 6.

Is Serena an Indian name?

Serena is a Hindu Girl name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Serena name meaning is Joy; Quiet. Serena name popularity and rank stands at 3930 among 29430 Hindu names.

What is a nickname for Serena?

Serena is lovely. As for nicknames maybe Reenie there aren’t really nicknames for serena that jump out. You might choose Reenie as the nickname but end up calling her Nina as it’s something that has stuck and suits her.

Is Serena a good name?

Serena can be found on the U.S. popularity charts as far back as the late 19th century. However, for 50 years (between 1910 and 1960), the name was pretty much forgotten and out of circulation. … Serena is an ethereally beautiful name and a lovely choice for any baby girl.

Is Serena a saint name?

Serena is a feminine given name. It is derived from the Latin word serēnus, meaning “clear, tranquil, serene”. This name was borne by an obscure early saint, Saint Serena of Rome.

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Does Serena mean mermaid?

The meaning of the name “Serena” is: “Serene; calm; mermaid”.

What kind of name is Sarina?

Sarina is a Dutch diminutive of the biblical name Sarah.

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