What is the meaning behind the name Holly?

The name Holly is taken from the name of the evergreen holly tree. The word Holly is derived from the Old English word holegn which means ‘to prick,’ – a verb that is very fitting for the holly tree’s pointy green leaves.

What does the name Holly mean for a girl?

Holly as a girl’s name is of Old English origin meaning “the holly tree”. It is a botanical name first used in the early 20th century. The name is often given to daughters born near the Christmas holiday.

What does the name Holly mean in the Bible?

It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Holly is “the holly tree”. Bible Definition of Holy. … Word Origin from the same as qodesh Definition sacred, holy NASB Translation consecrated (1), Holy (8), holy (50), Holy One (44), holy one (3), holy ones (6), one is holy (1), saints (2).

What does the name Holly represent?

Holly is known as an English or Irish surname (variant Holley) it is either locational, ultimately derived from the Old English hol lēah “[dwelling by] the clearing by the hollow”, or descriptive, from hol-ēage “hollow-eyed”.

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Does the name Holly mean holy?

American Baby Names Meaning: In American Baby Names the meaning of the name Holly is: From the plant name. Holy.

Does Holly mean happy?

What people don’t know about holly is that the primary flower meaning of holly is domestic happiness. It’s hard to turn away any opportunity to wish domestic happiness on someone. Another meaning of holly is defense or protection. Holly is the perfect gift idea for wishing a safe and happy household over someone.

Is Holly a pretty name?

Holly is a nice name, but not the most exciting name, IMO. … Holly is a perfectly respectable name; nice choice for a winter baby. If you change her name now, though, it might be difficult for your Nia to understand … but that’s not the right reason not to go with the right name!

What’s another name for Holly?

Ilex /ˈaɪlɛks/, or holly, is a genus of about 480 species of flowering plants in the family Aquifoliaceae, and the only living genus in that family. The species are evergreen or deciduous trees, shrubs, and climbers from tropics to temperate zones worldwide.

What name means a gift from God?

Hence, they often go for a name that means ‘gift from God’.

Names for Boys.

Name Meaning
Amaris One who is given by God
Anum Blessing of God
Ata This name means gift in Arabic.
Ataullah Another Arabic name that means gift of God.

Is Holly bad luck?

Secondly, although we cut holly and bring it into our houses, there is a very deeply entrenched superstition about cutting down holly trees. This act invariably elicits visitations from witches and evil spirits, and bad things always happen to those that wielded the axe or chainsaw.

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What is the Hebrew name for Holly?

Holly has no meaning in Hebrew but you can spell it phonetically as הולי [1] The masculine names Holly, Hollie were derived from the surname, but have mostly fallen out of use since the mid 20th century due to the rise in popularity of the feminine name.

What is the difference between holy and Holly?

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holey is also an adjective but nothing religious. It is used to describe anything that has holes in it. We used to darn holey socks, but nowadays most people throw them away. holly (noun) is a shrub.

How common is the name Holly?

Today, Holly is given to barely 750 baby girls per year in the United States. Holly, like Noelle and Natalie, are cute names for December babies or those born on or around Christmas day. But even when Holly is not associated with the holidays or wintertime, it’s still a bright and affable name.

How old is the name Holly?

Holly was first used as a given name in the 17th century. It was unisex in use, most likely thanks to adoption of the surname Holly. It continued to be used as a unisex name in the 19th century.

Is Holly a French name?

From the French word houx, meaning “shrub”. Both refer to the plant with red berries. The Holly plant is traditionally used as a Christmas decoration and “The Holly and the Ivy” is a famous Christmas carol.

Is Holly a German name?

According to a user from the United Kingdom, the name Holly is of German origin and means “Amzing person with great beauty godly creature”. A user from California, U.S. says the name Holly is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means “LUCK”.

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