What is the meaning of the name Steffi?

Steffi as a girl’s name is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Steffi is “crown”. Steffi is related to the name Stephanie.

What does the name Sunniva mean?

The name Sunniva is a girl’s name of Norwegian origin meaning “sun gift”. Sunniva was an Irish-born saint who fled to Norway, where she hid in an island cave with her followers and eventually died.

What does Anahi name mean?

Save to list. Girl. Spanish. Of Spanish origin, taken from the Hebrew, meaning “one who answers” or “speaker”. Anahi is a Mexican actress and singer born in 1982.

What does vieno mean?

Vieno means “calm”, “gentle”, “soft” (from Finnish “vieno”)

How do you pronounce Sunniva?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Sunniva. Suw-NIY-Vaa. 0 rating rating ratings. Private. sun-ni-va. 0 rating rating ratings. …
  2. Meanings for Sunniva. sun gift. Pronounce word 150. Add word 100. Add collection 200. Visit a page 5. …
  3. Translations of Sunniva. Chinese : 奥运 0 rating rating ratings. Jenifer Torp. Indonesian : namu. 0 rating rating ratings.

Is Anahi a girl or boy?

The name Anahi is a girl’s name. This lovely, soft, exotic name is somewhat popular in the US but is unheard of in England and Wales. Anahi is probably made most familiar to Latin-American families via Mexican singer Anahi.

Where is Anahi from?

Mexico City, Mexico

How do you pronounce vieno?


  1. IPA: /viˈeno/
  2. Hyphenation: Vi‧e‧no.
  3. Rhymes: -eno.
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