Best answer: What happened to Elizabeth Proctor after the Salem witch trials?

Elizabeth Proctor was convicted in the 1692 Salem witch trial. While her husband was executed, she escaped execution because she was pregnant at the time she would have been hanged.

What happens to Elizabeth Proctor at the end of the Crucible?

At the end of the play, Elizabeth has used her time in jail to contemplate the way she’s lived her life, and she confesses to John that she did keep a cold home. She is one of just a handful of characters who seem to have grown from the experience of what happened in Salem.

How did Elizabeth Proctor change?

How does Elizabeth Proctor change from act I to act IV in The Crucible? Elizabeth Proctor changes from an insensitive, cold woman in act 1 to a self-aware, loving wife in act 4. She manages to forgive John’s transgressions, accept responsibility for her behavior, and offer her husband support when he needs it the most.

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Does Elizabeth forgive John?

He committed adultery earlier that year while she was sick, and though his lover (Abigail Williams) is now out of his life, Elizabeth still judges him for it. More importantly, he still judges himself. It isn’t until Elizabeth forgives him and admits her own faults that John Proctor is able to forgive himself.

Why does Elizabeth refuse to stop him from being hanged?

Elizabeth does not stop him because she is happy he finally forgave himself for his one sin (adultery).

Is Elizabeth Proctor a hero or villain?

Elizabeth Proctor is a moral, Christian woman who is one of the main characters of the play. There are two key characters in the story who affect Elizabeth Proctor’s character: the antagonist, Abigail Williams, who is Elizabeth’s maid and who is having an affair with her husband, the protagonist, John Proctor.

Is Elizabeth really pregnant in the crucible?

Yes, Elizabeth likely is actually pregnant in The Crucible. Though Judge Danforth expresses some skepticism, Elizabeth is shown to be an honest and moral woman, which makes it unlikely that she’s lying. In real life, Elizabeth Proctor was really pregnant during the Salem witch trials.

Why does Abigail hate Elizabeth Proctor?

She insists that Elizabeth Proctor “hates [her]” because Abigail “would not be her slave.” She calls Elizabeth a “lying, cold, sniveling woman” who she cannot abide working for.

Why does Elizabeth ask John to forgive her?

What does Elizabeth ask John to forgive her for? Being suspicious and keeping a “cold house”.

Why does Elizabeth say of John he have his goodness now?

He have his goodness now, God forbid I take it from him. What Elizabeth means is that her husband, John Proctor, has finally achieved redemption, and she will not take that away from him by asking him to confess to practicing witchcraft in order to save his life. … He did not engage in any practices of witchcraft.

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Why does Elizabeth apologize to John?

Consequently, his wife Elizabeth visits him and tries to convince him to confess so the court will spare his life. John does not confess — for the charge is false — but he begs Elizabeth to forgive him for committing adultery with Abigail.

What is John’s excuse for confessing to witchcraft?

What is John’s excuse for confessing? John feels like he is damned no matter what. He already sinned by having an affair with Abigail, so who cares if he sins again by lying? At least he will get to have a little more life on earth.

What is Elizabeth’s evidence that John is actually a good man?

Elizabeth’s proof that John is a good man is the fact he not only takes on his sins but he also takes on Elizabeth’s sins.

Why does Parris want the final hangings postponed?

Reverend Parris wants to delay the executions because he fears rebellion, and — probably, just as he feared the loss of his own credibility and authority at the beginning of the play, he likely fears the same thing again.

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