Best answer: Why does Abigail accuse others of witchcraft?

She accuses other people of witchcraft because it benefits her by helping her get out of trouble for dancing and conjuring in the woods; it also makes her seem more powerful (especially if those people “confess” and so corroborate her accusations).

Why does Abigail start accusing others?

She begins to blame other citizens in order to avoid suspicion of being a witch and realizes that her accusations are taken seriously. Abigail continues to manipulate the Puritan court by accusing other citizens in hopes of destroying Elizabeth so that she can have a relationship with John Proctor.

Why do people accuse each other of witchcraft in The Crucible?

In real danger of being exposed as a witch, and sorely lacking in emotional maturity, she projects her undesirable feelings and emotions onto other people in Salem, falsely accusing them of something of which she herself is guilty. This is a way of getting her retaliation in first.

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Why did people accuse others in the crucible?

These include fear, guilt, revenge, greed for property and paranoia. Tituba, Reverend Parris’ slave from Barbados, is the first to start accusing others of witchcraft after Abigail implicates her. She opens up a can of worms which exposes the underlying malevolence in Salem society.

Who does Abigail initially accuse of witchcraft?

On Feb. 26, 1692, after the first witch cake was made, Abigail Williams accused Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osbourne of holding supernatural powers attributed to witches. Williams named these women as the people she believed where bewitching her and causing her affliction.

How does Abigail abuse her power?

Abigail who abuses her power threatens the girls in a vivid way in order to protect herself. … She uses Legitimate power to make the girls believe Tituba conjured Putnam’s dead sister when she states “We danced and Tituba conjured Putnam’s dead sister” she wants them to all blame Tituba.

What do others think of Abigail?

Abigail becomes a feared individual. At first, she is treated like some saint because she has taken the lead in the accusations of witchcraft, as Elizabeth states in Act ll: —Mary Warren speak of Abigail as though she were a saint, to hear her.

Why would many of the accused falsely confess to witchcraft?

Why do many of the accused admit to witchcraft? By admitting to witchcraft they guarantee that they will not be executed. By admitting to witchcraft they can accuse others of the same crime.

Who do the girls accuse of witchcraft?

The afflicted girls soon accused three women: the Parris’ “Indian” slave, Tituba; a local beggar woman, Sarah Good; and an invalid widow, Sarah Osbourne. As local magistrates began questioning the accused, people packed into a tavern to witness the girls come face to face with the women they had accused of witchcraft.

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Who lost 7 babies in the crucible?

Putnam – lost 7 babies and tries to conjure up spirits, she wants to talk to her dead babies.

What was Arthur Miller’s message in the crucible?

In The Crucible, Arthur Miller’s message is that public hysteria based on fear destroys people’s lives.

Why is Abigail afraid the others will confess what they were doing in the woods?

Why is Abigail afraid the others will confess what they were doing in the woods? She is afraid because she knows that they will incriminate her. … Abigail trusts John and thinks its safe to tell him what happened to Betty i not witchcraft but instead just fear.

What does Mrs Putnam blame on witchcraft?

Putnam doesn’t claim innocence, but she thinks that nobody can judge her but God after she confesses publicly. She proves her hypocrisy when she blames Tituba for witchcraft and Putnam yells that Tituba “must be taken and hanged!” even though she admits to making a stew for Abigail. Mrs.

What did Abigail do in the woods?

What was Abigail doing in the forest? Abigail and the girls gather in the woods. They are seen dancing and chanting to Tituba performing voodoo over the fire in attempt to kill Elizabeth Proctor.

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