Can you occupy the same space as spiritual weapon?

A spiritual weapon doesn’t pass through walls. It also doesn’t occupy its space; it’s not a creature, and it’s not described as being large enough to fill its space.

Can you stand on a spiritual weapon?

Yes, definitely. If you focus your spells on a few specific ones (Spiritual Weapon, Spiritual Guardians, Guardian of Faith), you can actually be better than an equivalent level fighter, until level 20.

Can you move spiritual weapon if you can’t see it?

Crawford: Yes, assuming there’s actually something there to hit. And the rules for attacking while unseen: When you attack a target that you can’t see, you have disadvantage on the attack roll.

Can spiritual weapon move objects?

The case for: Yes; spiritual weapon can move through walls.

Does spiritual weapon require concentration?

A barbarian’s Rage makes concentration impossible but has no effect on spells, like spiritual weapon, that don’t require concentration.

Can you move spiritual weapon and cast a spell?

The turn you cast spiritual weapon, you can’t cast any other non-cantrip spells.

Does spiritual weapon disappear?

Yes. The weapon stays around if you fall unconscious, but since it requires a bonus action from you to do anything, it just floats there doing nothing. Yes, it is not a concentration spell, so getting hit, falling unconscious, even dying do not end the duration of the spell.

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Does spiritual weapon get 2 attacks?

You can make a melee attack (or cast an attack cantrip) with your action, and move & attack with the spiritual weapon with your bonus action. The spiritual weapon does not get 2 attacks in a single turn.

Can you smite with spiritual weapon?

Other than the above, there’s no way to apply Divine Smite to spells, and that’s for good reason – it would be quite overpowered to allow it; Divine Smite is already incredibly powerful, and its only limitations are that it can only be applied to weapon attacks, which don’t become as powerful as many spells, and it …

Does spiritual weapon give flanking?

The spiritual weapon is not a person, not a character, and not an ally. It’s a spell effect. It doesn’t take attacks of opportunity or flank.

Does spiritual weapon count as a magical weapon?

It is not a weapon. It is a 2nd level spell whose effect resembles a weapon. The Rakshasa is immune. Each of these has to be decided on a case by case basis and ultimately this is a DM call.

Can you twin spiritual weapon?

No, spiritual weapon doesn’t target a creature. A spell must be capable of targeting only one creature to be eligible to be twinned. Casting Spiritual Weapon doesn’t target anyone.

Why is spiritual weapon not concentration?

It would never be used if it required concentration, because there are so many other spells that cleric require that concentration for. … They are very spell slot efficient spells, but the thing that sets spiritual weapon apart is that it is supposed to be cleric only (it becomes very strong on a warlock, for example).

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Is spiritual weapon a good spell?

Well for one Clerics prepare spells so you don’t really get to miss spiritual weapon since you can prepare it at any long rest. But you are right, it’s a fantastic spell and is essential and it’s a problem.

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