Does love spell smell good?

One of my many favorite perfumes, not too strong but soft enough of a scent that lasts all day and smells so good! It’s worth the price, even if it’s expensive and a little goes a long with this perfume smells amazing! My mom bought it first and she loved and recommend it to me. … It’s a scent i will never get tired of!

Is love spell a good scent?

It smells literally delicious. It is lightly sweet, fresh, and seductive all the same time. Smells amazing and is very long lasting and I recommend it if you want something light to spray quick and leave. Smells amazing and is very long lasting and I recommend it if you want something light to spray quick and leave.

What scent is love spell?

Love Spell is a fragrance from the Victoria’s Secret Secret Garden collection. A lavishly lush combination of peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine make it perfect for your enjoyment. It is available as EDT, body mist and body care collection.

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Which smells better love spell or pure seduction?

Love Spell smells really juicy! It is light yet sultry, very feminine. … These two kind of smell similar to each other but Love Spell is slightly stronger than Pure Seduction. Would last up to 6 hours or more (yeah, more!).

Which is the best scent of Victoria’s Secret?

  • Bombshell. Bombshell is the number-one top-selling fragrance at Victoria’s Secret and the only one with a bottle that directly references the iconic pink-striped bag. …
  • Tease. We’ve smelled this before, but that’s not altogether a bad thing. …
  • Tease Rebel. …
  • Crush. …
  • Very Sexy. …
  • Love. …
  • Love Star. …
  • Heavenly.


What does love addict smell like?

Love Addict was launched in 2010. Love Addict from the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush collection is a seductive and sweet smell of strawberries and almond milk. Available as 250 ml fragrant body mist.

What does pure seduction smell like?

Pure Seduction is a fragrance from the Victoria’s Secret Secret Garden collection. A combination of melon, plum and freesia makes you feel utterly irresistible and seductive. It is available as EDT, body mist and body care collection.

What scent is most attractive to guys?

Men are most attracted to floral scents while women find ‘woody’ aromas appealing – but you should avoid coconut if you’re trying to bag a date. Women looking for love should wear floral fragrances to attract a man, while preferring a ‘woody’ scent on potential lovers, according to a new study.

Chanel N°5 is, without a doubt, the most iconic fragrance of all time. It’s been a staple within many a glamorous woman’s fragrance wardrobes since its creation back in 1921. At the perfume’s center is a floral bouquet of rose and jasmine with a touch of vanilla to deepen.

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Does Victoria Secret still sell love spell?

Love Spell was the scent you wore when you finally graduated from Juice Bar/”Warm Vanilla Sugar” by Bath & Body Works and convinced your mom to take you to Victoria’s Secret for the first time. I forget what it sold for in 2002, but it now goes for about $7 at the lingerie retailer.

What scent is aqua kiss?

Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist is a cool, sexy and refreshing fragrance. It features notes of refreshing fruits, as well as light florals and conditioning elements of aloe vera and soothing chamomile.

What does VS Aqua Kiss smell like?

Aside from Victoria’s secret love spell fragrance, this Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist is my absolute favorite body mist fragrance. If you can imagine smelling like a cross between just done laundry and a rainforest with all kinds of yummy tropical fruits. THAT’S what this smells like.

What does bombshell smell like?

A fruity aromatic floral, Bombshell is the top-selling Victoria’s Secret scent. Citrus notes blend with Brazilian Purple Passionfruit, Shangri-la Peony, Madagascan vanilla orchid, and Italian pine to create a uniquely popular profile.

Top 10 Victoria Secret Body Mists Ranked by Average Rating

Name Our Rating
1 Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Mist 9.9
2 Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Blush Fragrance Mist 9.7
3 Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist, Coconut Passion 9.6
4 Victoria’s Secret Body Mist, Amber Romance 9.4

Do guys like vanilla scents?

It’s true. Vanilla has long since been a favourite for men everywhere thanks to its creamy, mouth-watering aroma. This is mostly due to the fact that smelling it reminds boys of food and instantly makes them feel excited. The soft, musky aromas are also said to rate highly with the fellas as it’s warm and comforting.

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What does bombshell gold smell like?

Bombshell Gold by Victoria’s Secret is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Bombshell Gold was launched in 2020. Top note is Litchi; middle notes are Vanilla and Peony; base notes are Woody Notes and Sugar.

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