Who would win in a fight Cthulhu or Godzilla?

Can Godzilla beat Cthulhu?

Godzilla has no mental or psychological attacks afaik. Therefore he cannot win. … The other main factor is whether or not Cthulhu can just hax Godzilla with Old One shenanigans (I.e. drop him into some void outside of space, imprison his mind in a psychic farm etc).

Who is Godzilla’s strongest enemy?

  • Godzilla’s arch rival is King Ghidorah always challenging him for the crown of King of the monsters. …
  • King Ghidorah is the strongest of all his enemies who actually lifted him up multiple times and dropped him from many miles up in the air.

Is Cthulhu bigger than Godzilla?

The Cthulhu is way bigger than Godzilla as it is said according to the books that sailors have seen this particular creature and it is said that he could stand at the bottom of the ocean and reach a mile high. This is according to the books. It is also said that Cthulhu is seen in many different sizes.

Who is powerful than Godzilla?

3. King Ghidorah. A reoccuring three-headed dragon that dwarfs Godzilla in size, King Ghidorah is one of the most recognizable Kaiju in the series and fans often consider him Godzilla’s “main” enemy. Though his origins change from film to film, he’s almost always evil—though he did once serve as a guardian of Japan.

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What can kill Cthulhu?

Heisei Spacegodzilla, who can also beat Cthulhu from Cthulhu Mythos, can move at least 3.7 times the speed of light, and his crystals reached Earth in seconds. But Godzilla was able to react to them fast enough to both dodge and destroy them, which easily makes his reflexes several times the speed of light.

Can Superman beat Cthulhu?

Superman wins by a large margin. … Both Superman and Cthulhu are almost impossible to kill, but in this fight, Cthulhu will have the upper hand if he can figure out any of Superman’s many weaknesses.

Who is Godzilla’s dad?

Alias Minya
Species Dinosaur-like creature
Family Godzilla (adoptive father)

Is SpaceGodzilla Godzilla’s brother?

SpaceGodzilla is the founder and leader of the Earth Conquerors and is Godzilla’s genetically cloned brother. He was born from a sample of Godzilla’s DNA that was launched into space where it was absorbed by a black hole and mutated into a partially crystalline life form, which then came out of a white hole.

Who can kill Godzilla?

1. King Ghidorah – the most obvious kaiju to be on the list as it had had the edge over Godzilla many times, from Showa needing an army to beat it to Keizer flinging Godzilla around and nearly killing one of if not the most powerful Godzilla with ease it is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

Who is stronger Cthulhu or the Kraken?

Meanwhile, Cthulhu is one of the Great-Old-Ones, not only is he significantly more intelligent, but he’s also vastly more powerful. … The Kraken is a being molded into flesh and or animalistic substances, Cthulhu is made of something else entirely and can also reform his body at will if anything happens to him.

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Can Godzilla beat Superman?

Superman would easily win a fight against Godzilla. He would be a very tiny but powerful moving target. Moreover, Godzilla’s signature weapon is the Atomic Breath (a type of nuclear-radiated beam) and there is no such evidence of Superman’s weakness to atomic or nuclear radiation.

Is Cthulhu bigger than Kraken?

A kraken is really just a giant squid or octopus. Large and powerful, but essentially just an animal. Cthulhu is (apparently) the leader of a large group of alien entities which travelled to the Earth from a distant part of the universe for purposes unknown.

Who is the weakest Godzilla?

With that said, here are the strongest and weakest kaiju in the Godzilla franchise, ranked.

  1. 1 Weakest: Giant Condor.
  2. 2 Strongest: Godzilla. …
  3. 3 Weakest: Gabara. …
  4. 4 Strongest: King Ghidorah. …
  5. 5 Weakest: Kamacuras. …
  6. 6 Strongest: Destoroyah. …
  7. 7 Weakest: Baragon. …
  8. 8 Strongest: Mothra. …


Is King Kong stronger than Godzilla?

THE VERDICT: Godzilla wins

It’s obvious that Godzilla and Kong both have significant strengths, any one of which could provide them with a winning move in the event of a fight.

Why is Godzilla so weak?

It’s possible that Godzilla’s blast was weaker because he had already used up most of his reserve energy. … APEX’s Titan was fueled by the supremely powerful energy source that Kong and the human characters stumbled upon while in the Hollow Earth.

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