Why are the putnams concerned about witchcraft?

The Putnams are eager to believe in the witchcraft accusations because of two separate reasons. They have suffered the loss of seven infants, they only have one child left, Ruth, who is now “sick.” Mr. Putnam declares that he comes from a large family and it can’t possibly be his genes that produced weak babies.

Why do the putnams start talking about witchcraft?

Ann Putnam starts talking about witchcraft when Ann come to visit Parris and Betty with the rumor that Betty was seen flying. She suggests that Betty is sick because of the devil. Ann also confesses to sending her daughter to Tituba to find out what happened to her babies because surely it was someone who did it.

Why did Putnam accuse witchcraft?


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Her jealousy of Rebecca Nurse leads her to accuse Goody Nurse of being a witch. Thomas Putnam A greedy landowner in Salem. He systematically accuses his neighbors of witchcraft so that he might purchase their lands after they hang.

Why is Reverend Parris concerned about witchcraft in the area?

Why is Parris so worried about the evidence of witchcraft being discovered in his own house? Parris wants to remain minister and fears any evidence that may harm his reputation. He sees that Parris is more concerned with keeping his position as minister than with practicing his true religion and devotion to God.

What are signs of witchcraft in The Crucible?

Overall, the symptoms of witchcraft depicted throughout the play involve people being incapacitated, physically harmed, and suffering from audible and visible hallucinations.

Why is the story about Hale not indicting the woman in Beverly for being a witch so important what does it foreshadow or suggest?

The story about Reverend John Hale not indicting the woman in Beverly is important, because it shows a division between him and the witch court. He was initially a devoted servant, but is not interested in a power position, or merely convicting witches.

Who does Ann Putnam accuse of killing her babies?

In The Crucible, Ann Putnam accuses Rebecca Nurse of murdering her seven babies. After Rebecca is charged with killing Putnam’s babies, Francis Nurse…

What does Mrs Putnam blame on witchcraft?

Putnam doesn’t claim innocence, but she thinks that nobody can judge her but God after she confesses publicly. She proves her hypocrisy when she blames Tituba for witchcraft and Putnam yells that Tituba “must be taken and hanged!” even though she admits to making a stew for Abigail. Mrs.

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Why is Ann Putnam jealous of Rebecca?

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Putnam’s jealousy of Rebecca Nurse stems from the fact that Mrs. Putnam has had many children die in childbirth, while Rebecca Nurse has had no problem bearing children. Ultimately, this leads to the accusation of Rebecca Nurse for witchcraft, for which she is sentenced and hanged.

What does Reverend Parris fear the most?

Reverend Parris is most concerned with being highly regarded and treated well.

What is Reverend Parris afraid of?

In The Crucible, Reverend Parris fears that his congregation is out to get him. … Mainly though, Parris is afraid that he will be implicated in the witchcraft accusations and scapegoating. After all, it is his daughter, Better, who is vexed. His slave from Barbados, Tituba, is implicated by his niece Abigail Williams.

Why is Reverend Parris so concerned about his reputation?

Why is Parris so worried about the evidence of witchcraft being discovered in his own house? Parris wants to remain minister and fears any evidence that may harm his reputation. What does Rebecca Nurse think is wrong with the girls? … Putnam so eager to prove there is witchcraft in the village?

What does Putnam State is a sure sign of witchcraft afloat?

PUTNAM: She cannot bear to hear the Lord’s name, Mr. Hale; that’s a sure sign of witchcraft afloat.

What symptoms did the girls have in the crucible?

Convulsive ergotism causes violent fits, a crawling sensation on the skin, vomiting, choking, and, hallucinations. In fact, the hallucinogenic drug LSD is a derivative of ergot. Many of the symptoms of convulsive ergotism seem to match those attributed to Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams.

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What was one symptom of being bewitched?

They suffered from hysteria as they tried to cope with, “the consequences of a conflict between conscience (or at least fear of discovery) and the unhallowed craving.” Their symptoms of excessive weeping, silent states followed by violent screams, hiding under furniture, and hallucinations were a result of hysteria.

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